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5 Fidget Tools You Need In Your Classroom Calm Down Corner

5 Fidget Tools You Need In Your Calm Down Corner
Find out more about the 5 fidget tools you need in your classroom calm down corner to create a safe space for your students!

I have been guilty of buying a bunch of fidget toys for my classroom calm down corner in the past. 

I wasn’t sure how to set up a Calm Down Corner and just filled it up with stuff. Unfortunately, these fidget toys became more of a distraction than helpful. Over the years, I learned how to set up a more effective Calm Down Corner in my classroom, and you can read more about it here.

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As I mentioned, having a bunch of fidget toys made my calm down corner more of a play area than serving its purpose. Moreover, most toys were used ineffectively, didn’t last, and drained my teacher’s budget. 

Yet, I couldn’t ditch them altogether. Some fidget toys allowed students to use their bodies to regulate their emotions. It is essential because it is not always possible for students to do that in a classroom setting. So, I became more observant and picky about choosing the right one and introducing them properly. I also stopped calling them toys and used “tools” instead. 

In this post, I share the five fidget tools that have worked for me and that I always keep in the Calm Down toolbox.

5 Fidget Tools For An Effective Calm Down Corner:

#1 Stress Balls

Calm Down Fidget Tools - Stress Balls
#1: Stress Balls

This classic stress relief tool has been around forever, and for a good reason. There are many variations of stress balls out there now, but the primary purpose is something that you can squeeze your heart out!

The squeezing sensation helps release tension, and pairing that with a breathing exercise can help calm a student down. However, even though this is a fantastic tool, it is also often misused. Ensure you discuss with your students how to use a stress ball properly. 

Yes! You need to. I have had students throwing the ball against the wall, playing fetch, poking it with pencils, and tearing it into pieces. I would also advise against getting ones with water gel because it is never fun to clean up when it breaks.

I usually stock up on some cheap ones and also dough balls. I only put about three in the calm down toolbox at a time and replaced them as needed since they get worn down and break, even the expensive ones!

#2 Tangles

Calm Down Fidget Tools - Tangles
#2: Tangles

I learned about Tangles from a classmate when I was doing my Masters. She worked with autistic children and said this was one of the few toys that effectively calmed them down. 

So, I got some for my classroom and was not disappointed.

Tangles are one of my Calm Down toolbox’s most popular stress toys. Students get fidgeting with their fingers while focusing on breathing. I even gifted them to students who fidget a lot and friends. It is quiet, and you can use it while working. Highly recommend!

#3 Poppers

Calm Down Fidget Tools - Poppers
#3: Poppers

Ever since poppers or pop bubbles came out, it has been a sensation. You would see a student with them every recess and after school. 

They are pretty addictive and help get students to refocus their big feelings to working on popping the poppers. There are some crazy big ones out there. Don’t get those! Get a standard size one. Poppers are great, but some students can get overly obsessed about popping all the bubbles. As you can imagine, they will be in the calm down corner forever with a big one!

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#4 Fidget Strings or Monkey Noodles

Calm Down Fidget Tools - Monkey Noodles
#4: Fidget Strings

These are like a mixture of a stress ball and tangle all in one. Students can pull, stretch, and squeeze the strings, which helps to get their minds off things. Just like the stress balls, be sure to discuss with your students the proper ways to use the fidget strings.

#5 Wobble Cushions

Calm Down Fidget Tools - Wobble Cushions
#5: Wobble Cushions

I discovered these wobble cushions by accident. 

I received a bunch as a donation for my flexible seating classroom. They were a hit or miss with some students regarding flexible seating options. However, one of my frequent Calm Down Corner visitors asked if he could use this while trying to calm down. It allowed him to move his body in a way that helped settle down his big emotions. 

Ever since then, it has become a staple in my Calm Down Corner. 

These five fidget tools are excellent at helping your students calm down, mainly when used with a calm down technique such as a grounding or breathing exercise. You can check out my complete Calm Down Corner Kit or Mindfulness Breathing Exercise posters by clicking the link.

Do you have other fidget tools stapled in your Calm Down Corner toolbox? If so, comment below to let me know what they are. 

Thank you for doing with you do and supporting creating a safe space for your students.

Bye for now,

Prima from LittleYellowStar

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