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20 Christmas Family Tradition & Activity Ideas For Kids

20 Christmas Activities For Kids

The Christmas season is a time of wonder, joy, and warmth. It’s when families gather to celebrate, share, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re starting new traditions or continuing old ones, there are countless ways to make this Christmas season magical for your family.

In this post, you will find the activities divided into four categories: Outdoor Christmas Activities, Indoor Christmas Activities, Educational Christmas Activities, and Community Christmas Activities. Apart from fun winter activity ideas, check out other fun kid related winter resources. OHHH!!! Also, REMEMBER to sign up for our newsletter and get a FREE Christmas Activity Passport!!! From festive decorations to heartwarming traditions, let’s unwrap some delightful Christmas activities that will fill your home with cheer and love.

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7 Christmas Health and Safety Tips

Christmas is a time of fun and excitement for kids, but it’s also important to keep them safe and healthy during the festive season. Here are some child-focused health and safety tips for a joyful Christmas:

  1. Tree and Decoration Safety
    • Stable Trees: Make sure your Christmas tree is stable and won’t tip over, especially around active kids.
    • Safe Decorations: Use unbreakable ornaments and avoid decorations that are sharp or small enough to be swallowed.
  2. Safe Lighting
    • Light Inspections: Check all Christmas lights for damaged wires or bulbs, and teach kids not to touch them.
    • Supervised Lighting: Always turn off Christmas lights when you’re not around, and never let children play with electrical decorations.
  3. Food Safety for Kids
    • Cooking Together: Involve kids in safe cooking activities, like decorating cookies, and teach them about kitchen safety.
    • Allergy Awareness: Teach children to ask about ingredients if they have food allergies, especially when trying holiday treats from others.
  4. Gift Safety
    • Age-Appropriate Toys: Choose gifts suitable for the child’s age and abilities, and avoid toys with small parts for younger children.
    • Battery Safety: Ensure battery-operated toys are secured and batteries cannot be easily accessed by small children.
  5. Travel Safety
    • Car Seats: Make sure kids are properly secured in car seats or booster seats when traveling.
    • Road Safety: Teach children about road safety, especially in busy areas like shopping centers or during holiday events.

20 Christmas Activity Ideas For Kids

#1: Outdoor Christmas Activities

  1. Christmas Light Sightseeing
    • Take a walk or drive to see neighborhood Christmas lights.
  2. Snowman Building Contest
    • If you live in a snowy area, have a snowman building competition.
  3. Christmas Market Visit
    • Explore local Christmas markets for unique gifts and treats.
  4. Christmas Tree Farm Visit
    • If possible, go to a Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree.
  5. Carol Singing
    • Go caroling around the neighborhood or at local community centers.

#2: Indoor Christmas Activities

  1. Bake Christmas Cookies
    • Baking cookies is a Christmas staple. Try different recipes and have fun decorating them with colorful icing and sprinkles.
  2. Gingerbread House Building
    • Build and decorate a gingerbread house. This sweet activity is not only fun but also a charming addition to your Christmas decor.
  3. DIY Christmas Ornaments and Wreath
    • Spend a creative afternoon making homemade ornaments for your Christmas tree. From salt dough to paper crafts, the possibilities are endless. You can also make paper Christmas Wreath using this resource.
  4. Decorating the Christmas Tree
    • Make decorating the tree a special family event. Play Christmas music, sip hot chocolate, and relive memories as you hang each ornament.
  5. Christmas Karaoke
    • Sing along to favorite Christmas carols.

#3: Educational Christmas Activities

  1. Learn About Christmas Traditions Around the World
    • Explore how different cultures celebrate Christmas.
  2. Christmas Science Experiments
    • Conduct simple science experiments with a Christmas theme.
  3. Christmas Around the World Map Activity
    • Use a map to learn about holiday traditions in different countries.
  4. History of Christmas Traditions
    • Research and discuss the origins of various Christmas traditions.
  5. Christmas Cooking Lessons
    • Teach measurements and cooking skills while baking Christmas treats.

#4: Family Christmas Traditions

  1. Advent Calendar Countdown
    • Start an advent calendar tradition where each day brings a small treat or activity leading up to Christmas.
  2. Christmas Storytime
    • Dedicate time for reading Christmas stories or the Nativity story. It’s a wonderful way to relax and immerse in the spirit of the season.
  3. Christmas Eve Box
    • Prepare a special box with pajamas, a movie, and snacks for Christmas Eve.
  4. Christmas Breakfast Tradition
    • Create a special Christmas morning breakfast tradition.
  5. Family Volunteer Day
    • Spend a day volunteering at a local shelter or charity.

5 Christmas Mindfulness Activities for Kids

The Christmas season, while joyous, can sometimes be overwhelming for kids with all the excitement and activities. Integrating mindfulness and relaxation practices can help them enjoy the season more fully. Here are some activities tailored for kids to help them find calm and presence during the festive period:

  1. Create a Calm Down Corner: Set up a cozy space in your home with pillows, blankets, and a few favorite books or toys. This can be a special spot where kids go to relax and unwind.
  2. Christmas Calm Down Jars: Create glitter jars with a holiday theme (red and green glitter, for instance). Watching the glitter settle can be a calming activity for kids.
  3. Christmas Breathing Exercises: Teach children to focus on their breath with Christmas-themed breathing techniques. For example, “Santa’s Sleigh Breath” where they breathe in deeply as they imagine Santa’s sleigh going up, and exhale as it glides down.
  4. Christmas Yoga: Create a series of yoga poses based on Christmas themes, such as “Christmas Tree Pose” (similar to the Tree Pose) or “Snow Angel Pose” (lying on the ground and moving arms and legs in and out). This not only promotes relaxation but also physical activity.
  5. Holiday Mindful Coloring: Provide Christmas-themed coloring pages. Coloring can be a meditative activity that allows children to focus and calm their minds.

Check out these Christmas Mindfulness Resources:

Christmas Rainbow Breathing Exercises
Christmas Rainbow Breathing Exercises
Christmas Calm Down Corner Kit
Christmas Calm Down Corner Kit
Christmas Mindfulness Worksheets
Christmas Mindfulness Worksheets

Other Christmas Resources For Kids

Exploring Christmas-themed resources can be a delightful way for kids to learn and engage with the holiday season. Here are some websites that offer a variety of Christmas resources, from educational materials to fun activities:

  1. Activity Village: This site offers a wide range of Christmas-themed activities for kids including coloring pages, crafts, printables, and puzzles. It’s perfect for hands-on, creative learning.
  2. National Geographic Kids: Explore Christmas traditions from around the world, along with interesting articles and fun facts about how different cultures celebrate the holiday season.
  3. DLTK’s Crafts for Kids: This site provides a variety of Christmas craft ideas, printable templates, and activities that are perfect for younger children.
  4. PBS Kids: Around Christmas, PBS Kids features holiday-themed episodes of their popular shows, along with related games and activities on their website.
  5. Crayola: Known for their art supplies, Crayola’s website also offers Christmas coloring pages and craft ideas, great for fostering creativity.

Remember, while these websites are educational, it’s always a good idea for parents or educators to explore these resources first to ensure they align with the child’s age and educational needs. These sites can provide a mix of fun and learning that can keep kids engaged and informed about the wonders of winter.

What are you doing this Christmas?

Christmas is a season filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of family. These activities offer a blend of fun, creativity, and the joy of togetherness. Cherish these moments, create new traditions, and enjoy the festive spirit to the fullest!

So what winter activities are you doing with your kids this year? And we’d love to hear about your family’s favorite Christmas traditions – share them with me @LittleYellowStarTeaches!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Bye for now!

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