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20 Winter Activity Ideas For Kids

20 Winter Activities For Kids

Winter is here, wrapping the world in a blanket of snow and twinkling lights! It’s a season for hot cocoa, cozy blankets, and memorable family moments. As we embrace the chilly days, there are countless ways to make this winter special and heartwarming for your family.

In this post, you will find the activities divided into four categories: Outdoor Winter Activities, Indoor Winter Activities, Educational Winter Activities, and Community Winter Activities.

Apart from fun winter activity ideas, check out other fun kid related winter resources and REMEMBER to sign up for our newsletter and get a FREE Winter Activity Passport!!! From outdoor snow adventures to snug indoor activities, let’s explore some fantastic winter activities that promise laughter, joy, and family bonding.

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7 Winter Health and Safety Tips

Winter brings its own set of joys and challenges, especially when it comes to keeping kids healthy and safe. Here are some tips to ensure your little ones enjoy the season to the fullest while staying safe:

  1. Dress in Layers: Teach your kids the importance of dressing in layers. The base layer should wick away moisture, the middle layer should retain warmth, and the outer layer should be waterproof and wind-resistant.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Cold weather can be deceiving when it comes to hydration. Encourage kids to drink water regularly.
  3. Sun Protection: Yes, even in winter! Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen on exposed skin, and don’t forget lip balm with SPF.
  4. Safe Snow Play: Ensure kids are supervised when playing in the snow. Teach them to recognize signs of frostbite (like red or pale skin) and to come inside to warm up regularly.
  5. Outdoor Safety: If your kids participate in winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, make sure they wear appropriate safety gear, including helmets.
  6. Be Prepared: Keep an emergency kit in your car, including blankets, water, snacks, and a first-aid kit, especially for winter road trips.
  7. Know Your Limits: Teach children to listen to their bodies. If they’re feeling too cold or tired, it’s time to take a break.

20 Winter Activity Ideas For Kids

#1: Outdoor Winter Adventures

  1. Building a Snowman or Snow Fort
    • There’s no classic winter activity quite like rolling snow into a friendly snowman or constructing an epic snow fort. Bundle up and let your creativity run wild in your backyard winter wonderland.
  2. Ice Skating
    • Find a local ice-skating rink and glide into fun. Whether you’re beginners or seasoned skaters, ice skating is a delightful way to enjoy the winter season together.
  3. Winter Hikes or Nature Walks
    • Experience the serene beauty of nature in winter. Embark on a family hike through a local park and observe how different the world looks under a blanket of snow.
  4. Winter Photography
    • Take a camera and capture the winter wonderland. Kids can learn about photography and enjoy nature.
  5. Campfire and Storytelling
    • If you have a safe spot to do so, having a campfire with marshmallow roasting and storytelling can be a magical winter experience.

#2: Indoor Winter Activities

  1. Winter Craft Time
    • From snowflake cut-outs to homemade bird feeders, winter crafts are a great way to engage your kids’ creativity on cold days. You can also create a paper Gingerbread Man Wreath as a fun winter crafting activity. Gather around the table for some crafting fun!
  2. Baking Winter Treats
    • Warm up your home with the smell of freshly baked cookies or a cinnamon cake. Baking together is not only fun but also a sweet way to enjoy the season.
  3. Family Movie Nights
    • Host a movie night with winter-themed movies. Grab some blankets, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up for a cozy evening.
  4. Indoor Treasure Hunt
    • Create a treasure hunt with clues hidden around the house. This activity can be educational and can help kids develop problem-solving skills.
  5. Reading Marathon
    • Create a cozy reading corner with blankets and pillows. Families can take turns reading aloud from their favorite books.

#3: Educational Winter Activities

  1. Learn About Winter Wildlife
    • Use this season to teach your kids about how animals adapt to winter. You can even set up a bird feeder and watch the birds together.
  2. Snow Science Experiments
    • Bring some snow indoors and try simple science experiments. For example, watch how snow melts and turns into water, teaching a lesson about states of matter.
  3. Weather Tracking
    • Set up a weather station at home or in a classroom. Track and record temperatures, snowfall, and other weather patterns.
  4. Snowflake Study
    • Study the science of snowflakes. Use magnifying glasses to look at snowflake structures and learn why each one is unique.
  5. Winter Bird Feeding and Identification
    • Make bird feeders and learn about the birds that stay for the winter. Teach kids about bird species and their winter habits.

#4: Community Winter Activities

  1. Winter Festivals
    • Many towns hold winter festivals featuring activities like ice sculpting and cultural performances. Check local community bulletin boards or town websites for information.
  2. Winter Clothing Drive
    • Community centers, churches, and schools frequently organize clothing drives. Look for announcements in local newspapers or community newsletters.
  3. Winter Workshops
    • Local libraries and community centers frequently host winter-themed workshops. Check their event calendars online or visit in person for schedules.
  4. Winter Film Series
    • Libraries often host winter film series. Check your local library’s website or visit the library to find out about upcoming events. Additionally, keep an eye on local newspapers or community bulletin boards for announcements.
  5. Snow Shoveling Assistance
    • Community groups or local charities may organize snow shoveling brigades. Information can often be found through local religious organizations or community centers.

5 Winter Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Mindfulness and relaxation are important for kids, especially during the busy winter season. Here are some fun and engaging ways to help them stay calm and centered:

  1. Create a Calm Down Corner: Set up a cozy space in your home with pillows, blankets, and a few favorite books or toys. This can be a special spot where kids go to relax and unwind.
  2. Snowflake Breathing: Teach kids to breathe like a snowflake. Ask them to inhale deeply and then exhale slowly, imagining a snowflake gently falling to the ground. This visualization can help calm their minds.
  3. Penguin Waddle Meditation: Turn meditation into a fun activity. Have kids waddle like a penguin while focusing on their movements. It’s a playful way to practice mindfulness.
  4. Mindful Coloring: Provide winter-themed coloring pages. Coloring can be a very calming activity and allows kids to express their creativity.
  5. Listening to Winter Sounds: Spend a few quiet moments listening to the sounds of winter, whether it’s the wind whistling or the crackling of a fire.

Check out these Winter Mindfulness Resources:

Winter Rainbow Breathing Exercises
Winter Rainbow Breathing Exercises
Winter Calm Down Corner Kit
Winter Calm Down Corner Kit
Winter Mindfulness Worksheets
Winter Mindfulness Worksheets

Other Winter Resources For Kids

Finding websites that offer educational content about winter can be a great way to engage kids in learning during the colder months. Here are some websites that provide a variety of resources, from science experiments to cultural insights, all centered around the theme of winter:

  1. National Geographic Kids: This site offers a wealth of information on a variety of topics, including wildlife in winter. Kids can learn about animals that thrive in cold climates and how different species adapt to winter conditions.
  2. NASA Climate Kids: NASA’s website for kids includes interactive activities and information related to weather and climate. It’s a great resource for learning about the science of snow, winter weather patterns, and the Earth’s climate.
  3. PBS Kids: With a variety of winter-themed games, activities, and videos, PBS Kids provides educational content that is fun and engaging. They often have content related to winter, including episodes of popular children’s shows with a winter theme.
  4. The Smithsonian Science Education Center: This site offers resources and activities for kids, including winter-themed science experiments and explorations, making it a great resource for hands-on learning.
  5. Weather Wiz Kids: Created by a meteorologist, this site is dedicated to teaching kids about the weather. It includes specific sections on winter weather phenomena like snow and ice.
  6. Cool Antarctica: Offering a unique perspective, this site lets kids learn about the coldest place on Earth – Antarctica. It includes information about the continent’s wildlife, climate, and exploration history.

Remember, while these websites are educational, it’s always a good idea for parents or educators to explore these resources first to ensure they align with the child’s age and educational needs. These sites can provide a mix of fun and learning that can keep kids engaged and informed about the wonders of winter.

What are you doing this winter?

Winter is a magical time to create unforgettable memories with your family. Whether you’re playing in the snow or cuddling up indoors, these activities are perfect for bringing everyone closer together. Embrace the chill, cherish the moments, and make this winter one to remember!

So what winter activities are you doing with your kids this year? Share your favorite winter moments with me @LittleYellowStarTeaches!

Stay warm and enjoy the winter magic!

Bye for now!

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