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Sweeten Up Your Classroom with Pastel Classroom Decor Amazon Must Haves

Pastel Classroom Decor Amazon Must Haves For The Classroom
Check out these cute pastel classroom amazon must haves and more for your class this school year! Make your classroom your own style!

As classroom teachers, we know that having a cheerful and inviting classroom not only has a big impact on our student’s learning but on our well-being. Imagine walking into a space that is calming, inviting, and vibrant, a space that instantly uplifts your mood. And what’s more cheerful as well as uplifting than pastel colors?

If you can’t tell from the theme of the LittleYellowStar Teaches website, I am quite a big fan of pastel. So, I took on the fun task of rounding up Amazon must haves pastel classroom decor!

From Bulletin Board Borders to Post-It Notes, if you are a fan of pastel then you can find them all here. It has been such a delight finding all these amazing and cute pastel classroom items. Hey! I have also created some classroom related resources in pastel that I included in this post, along with a FREE Pastel Meet The Teacher Letter templates. You can find the link to that at the bottom of the post.

***Disclosure: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission when you purchase through the link from my blog. Thank you for your support!

Alright, enough of me blabbing around. Let’s look at what I have found for you!

Pastel Classroom Decor Essentials:

#1 Pastel Bulletin Board Borders:

Bulletin boards are a staple in every elementary classroom, and adding a pop of pastel to them can make them even more appealing. Pastel bulletin board borders are an affordable and easy way to add some color and personality to your classroom. These are some cute pastel classroom decor amazon finds that might inspire you to create a new Welcome Back To School Board.

Pastel Rainbow Borders

Pastel Stripe Borders
Pastel Border Trims
Pastel Letters
Blush Bulletin Board Paper
Pastel Watercolor Borders

#2 Pastel Bins and Baskets:

Keeping your classroom organized is key to creating a comfortable and productive learning environment. Pastel bins and baskets not only help keep things tidy, but also add a touch of sweetness to your classroom decor. Look at these fun finds!

Woven Storage Baskets
Large Pastel Caddies
Mini Stackable Crates
Fabric Storage Cubes

#3 Pastel Wall Art:

Wall art is a great way to add some personality and inspiration to your classroom. Pastel wall decor and posters that feature motivational quotes, educational themes, or cute illustrations can do a lot to the feel of the classroom. Also, look at the SUPER cute pastel purple wall clock I found!

Pastel Rainbow Wall Decor and Garland
Pastel Pink Felt Letter Board
Pastel Purple Wall Clock
Pastel Flower Wall Decal
Check Out Rainbow Mindfulness Books and More!
Pastel Rainbow Breathing Book
Pastel Rainbow Breathing Book
Rainbow Breathing Book For Kids
Rainbow Breathing Book For Kids

#4 Pastel Desk Accessories & Stationary: 

Your teacher desk is your command center, and adding some pastel desk accessories can make it a more enjoyable place for you to work. I had to add in this Pastel Ice Cream Lights because it’s just so cute! Sorry to overwhelm you with the sweetness but I just really had to. Alright, let’s check out the rest of the pastel finds to brighten up your desk.

Pastel Desk Organizer
Pastel Ice Cream Lights
Pastel Clipboards
Pastel Highlighters
Pastel Flair Pens
Pastel Post-It Notes
Pastel Rainbow Felt Board

#5 Pastel Seating Options:

Flexible seating is becoming more and more popular in elementary classrooms, and pastel seating options can add a playful and inviting touch to your classroom decor. Students can grab these cute flower cushions and work on the floor in different areas of the room. The shaggy pastel pink carpet will add a sweet touch to your reading corner. Check out my blog post on 11 Cheap Flexible Seating options or What is Flexible Seating if you want to learn more!

Pastel Pink Round Carpet
Pastel Flower Pillows

#6 Pastel Classroom Forms and Resources:

As mentioned in the introduction, I am obsessed with all things pastel! So I am thrilled to share some of my created pastel-themed resources with you. Some of them are FREE too! These are resources designed to help streamline classroom processes such as Meet The Teacher Night and Back To School Morning Meetings while adding a touch of aesthetic appeal. It completes your pastel classroom decor theme. Check them out and don’t forget to download the free stuff! Enjoy!

Free SEL Daily Activity - Back To School Morning Meeting
FREE Back To School SEL Morning Meetings
Pastel Meet The Teacher Letter
Pastel Meet The Teacher Letter
Pastel Open House Slides Design 1
Pastel Open House Slides Design 1
Pastel Open House Slides Design 2
Pastel Open House Slides Design 2
Pastel Calm Down Corner Kit
Pastel Calm Down Corner Kit
Pastel Rainbow Breathing Techniques for kids
Pastel Rainbow Breathing Techniques for kids

Remember I said some of them are Free?

Yes! Get My Meet The Teacher Letter Templates in Pastel for Free by clicking the image below and sign up to be a part of the LittleYellowStar newsletter.

Free Pastel Meet The Teacher Letter
Free Pastel Meet The Teacher Letter

Are You Adding Some Pastel Classroom Decors This School Year?

Pastel classroom decor can add a sweet and cheerful touch to your classroom, and the options are endless. From bulletin board borders to desk accessories, bins and baskets to wall art, and flexible seating options, incorporating pastel decor into your classroom can be both functional and fun. It’s about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating a space where students feel welcomed and inspired to learn, and more importantly making your classroom feel more like your own.

Happy decorating and happier teaching!

Bye for now,

Prima from LittleYellowStar

* * *

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